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Chilling Facts About Trump Jr’s White Powder Letter Emerge, You Won’t Believe What It Said

Earlier this week, we were stunned to learn that Donald Trump Jr. was mailed a letter containing a white substance. It forced his wife and two others to be rushed to the hospital. Now, police have revealed what the letter actually said, casting new light on the case.

Donald Trump Jr. is an outspoken supporter of conservative values. Since the Republican National Convention in 2016, he’s been in the spotlight for his political views. He is also a devoted supporter of his father, President Trump. Because of his convictions and stance, he is an obvious target.

Most of the people who hate his father, hate him. He and his family regularly get attacked online simply because of their views. But, Trump Jr. is no coward. He bravely sticks up for his family, his beliefs, and his country.

Sadly, there are those in our country who cannot stand a person of conviction. So, they cowardly try to harm or intimidate them. That’s just what happened this week when someone mailed a letter filled with a white substance to Trump Jr.’s home. His wife and two others were sent to the hospital.

Police have now revealed what the letter said.

“You are an awful person. This is why people hate you. You are getting what you deserve. So shut the f— up,” read the hate mail, officials familiar with the matter told the New York Post.

The envelope containing the note was delivered Monday to the Upper East Side residence of Trump Jr.’s mother-in-law around 10 a.m., sources said.

Trump Jr.’s wife, Vanessa, opened the suspicious letter and discovered the note along with a powdery substance.

When she realized the substance could potentially be harmful, she rushed out of the room, placed the powder-filled letter in a plastic bag, and called 911.

She and two others in the residence were taken to the hospital out of caution.[Source: Breitbart]

The hatred in the letter is the same kind of abuse conservatives receive every day online. Liberals have convinced themselves we are all terrible, simply because we refuse to accept their toxic ideas. We are called bigots, racists, and homophobes.

Because of Trump Jr.’s outspoken support for the GOP, he gets this kind of abuse all the time. Normally, it’s limited to easily ignorable tweets. But, when someone sends you a physical letter, with a strange substance in it? That’s way beyond crossing the line.

It’s ironic, in a way. This person calls Trump Jr. an awful person, claiming people hate him. Yet, they are the ones clearly filled with hate. This coward can’t confront Trump Jr. on his own, so he sends a letter filled with powder — not to hurt Trump or his family, but simply to intimidate them.

This is the modern left. They have no more strategies — just utter contempt and hate. They will use whatever tactics they can to intimidate us. That includes lying, cheating, and attacking. It’s no longer about freely debating ideas or politics. For them, the only way they can succeed is if we were gone. Many of them literally want us dead.

The good news, this time, is that this coward didn’t hurt Donald Trump Jr. or his family.

Trump Jr. tweeted a thank you message to his followers after Monday’s incident, confirming that his wife and children are safe.

Trump Jr. also responded to left-wing Twitter users mocking Vanessa’s potentially dangerous encounter, calling their actions “disgusting.”

Officials with the NYPD confirmed that the substance was “determined to be non-hazardous” and believe it was cornstarch.[Source: Breitbart]

But, what about next time? This story shows the unhinged left that Donald Trump Jr. and his wife open their own mail. Another hateful liberal might send something worse. Make no mistake, they won’t stop until we’re all gone. Kind of makes them sound like terrorists, don’t you think?

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