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Oprah Just Made Sickening Announcement About Her New Plans To Destroy Trump After Florida Shooting

As most of you have probably been aware of by now in today’s America God seems to have turned into a four-letter word. And something most are trying to avoid declaring allegiance to in public because in today’s pop culture it’s something which will garner ridicule and will brand you as strange.

Last week the rabid liberal that is Joy Behar who is currently the co-host of “The View,” came under fire for saying Vice President Mike Pence has a “mental illness” because he listens to Jesus. But today she seems to be completely quiet about something the liberal darling Oprah Winfrey said when asked if she would run for president in 2020.

Winfrey told CBS’ “60 Minutes Overtime” that “God” has not told her to run for president although there has been rabid speculation that her infamous Golden Globes speech was a preview of a potential 2020 matchup between her and President Trump.

So does this mean Oprah Winfrey is also mentally Ill, Joy? Probably not, because you see, we are living in a world where the left has severe double standards and only attacks the other side. If Bahar would come out and call Oprah mentally disturbed, as she did with our Vice President, then at least she would enjoy the respect she would garner by being honest in her statements, but we all know all too well she is only a political hack so she won’t say a word about this.

Now, as far as Oprah running, don’t kind yourselves, she already has a game plan. She will try to hammer the gun control issue, especially after the Florida Shooting, while at the same time tugging at the emotional strings of Americans in the way she is so great at doing. She will indeed be a formidable candidate against President Trump, But then again, after saying white people would have to die, what white person, other than maybe liberals who suffer from White Guilt because of things that happened over 150 years ago would actually vote for her?

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