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Florida Dem Just Called For MASSACRE At This Location And She’s Serious – ARREST Her NOW!

It has been less than a week since Nikolas Cruz took an Uber to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, walked in and shot 17 people to death and injuring 15 others.

Of course, even before the families of the victims had a chance to digest the horror that had just taken place the left was already virtue signaling and calling for more gun control.

These social justice warriors in their attempt to paint Republicans and law-abiding gun owners as the enemy are ramping up their false narratives to disarm the public, and they are beginning to get desperate.

In a shocking statement, one Florida Democrat has shown just how far they will go to push gun control even if that means calling for more violence against innocent people, and you can be sure this not a joke.

What happened in Florida is absolutely disgusting, but what is even more despicable is the way the left has latched onto these deaths to push their agenda further.

It should go without saying that people on either side of the aisle are not relishing in the fact that 17 innocent people were gunned down in a school hallway, but you would not think that by listening to the left’s rhetoric.

Instead of the left blaming the deranged gunman who opened fire on this high school they instead blame the object, and of course, their old standby, the NRA. These unhinged leftists have become so fixated on blaming NRA that they are now making threats against its members and there is no reason that they should not be taken seriously.

In a sick comment found on Facebook, Sable Marie Mongold, a Bernie Sanders supporter, called for the mass shooting of NRA members at any of their meetings. Mongold wrote in the nasty post,“Let’s make this interesting…How about shooting up an NRA meeting?”

Then to take the post to an even more sickening level of evil, Mongold posted underneath her own status, “How many dudes might die though? Even 2? I guess they’d think their point was worth it.”

Laura Loomer, a citizen journalist, reported on the disturbing content and stated that she would be informing the FBI of the threat, but who knows if they will take it seriously, right?

After all, the FBI ignored numerous tips concerning Cruz’s dangerous behavior for several months leading up to the shooting last Wednesday. At any rate, the left has left their minds, and this sort of sick post proves just how unhinged they have become, and it is not the first one since the tragic shooting.

What happened in Florida on Valentine’s Day should have never occurred if the FBI would have done their job and investigated the reports on Cruz, but no, they were too busy doing their best to overthrow our government to stop this shooter from going on his murderous rampage.

Hopefully, the FBI won’t drop the ball on this threat made by Mongold and make an example out of her so that no other psychopath is allowed to harm innocent Americans.

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