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Delta Has NASTY Surprise For Proud American Gold Medalists After Airline Ditched NRA

Delta Airlines was one of the many major corporations who offered concessions to respectable Americans who were members of the NRA and also among the first to immediately end their program by cutting ties with the group after the Florida school shooting.

While the Parkland shooter was not a member of the NRA and nobody from the association had anything to do with the atrocity, they still got the brunt of the blame from leftists looking for somewhere to point a finger for what assailant Nikolas Cruz chose to do.

Delta didn’t seem to be anti-gun when they decided to partner with the NRA in the first place. However, they were quick to cave to outspoken Stoneman Douglas survivors-turned activists who had suddenly become constitutional experts on the Second Amendment and demanded action against the NRA.

Within hours this proved to be a really bad idea after realizing that their quick, divisive decision cost them a $40 million tax break.

Still, they stuck to their move and then 24 hours later doubled down against America with what they did to U.S. Olympic Gold medalists leaving the games in South Korea, hoping to get a ride back to America on Delta.

Among the few respectful members of Team USA who didn’t make the Olympics a platform for trashing our administration was the curling team.

Like the other athletes representing America who didn’t insert politics into the sports event, the curling team won a gold medal.

They were proud to come back to the U.S. and receive the warm welcome for winning that they deserved and Delta was who was going to get them there.

Continuing down the crash course that could inevitably destroy their company and with zero regard for their reputation anymore, Delta decided to completely disrespect these gold medal athletes.

At the same time, the airline delivered the news to the medalists, disgraced Trump-slandering skier Lindsey Vonn received much different treatment.

TMZ reports:

John Shuster and the U.S. curling team are probably flying back home on something less than first class after winning gold at the Olympics … all ’cause Delta denied ’em an upgrade.

The official U.S. Curling handle hit up Delta on Twitter Saturday asking if there was a way to get upgraded on the flight home from PyeongChang after taking 1st in men’s curling.

Unfortunately, Delta said it had nothing for them upgrade-wise … but at least if offered a congratulations and a warm welcome to the flight.

Showing their continued respect in all circumstances and displaying true class, the curlers were incredibly gracious after Delta’s disgusting action.

They didn’t even trash the airline even after their reason seemed dishonest for not being able to upgrade them, considering Vonn was just the lucky recipient of a huge favor.

Vonn flew home before the curlers and when stopped in the LAX airport by a TMZ reporter who had a couple questions for her.

After asking about the skier’s future plans who had announced that she won’t be returning to the Olympics, the reporter wanted to know if she flew first class after the curling team was denied such accommodations.

Vonn acknowledged that she did, in fact, get the roomier seats at the front of the plane and personal attendant service that comes with the privileged seats. 

It seems like Delta is hellbent on angering the conservative side of this country. They should think twice about the direction they’re going in and realize it’s the wrong one if they want to avoid having file for bankruptcy again.

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