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Democrat Politician Just Stole Millions From Victims! What She Did With It Is DISGUSTING!

The Democrats love to tout themselves as the party that holds the moral high ground, but their behavior on the other hand, certainly tells another story.

It seems almost every day we hear another story of Democrat corruption and yet no one is held accountable for their crimes. If these lying Democrats aren’t committing voter fraud, they are stealing taxpayer money to fund their lavish vacations, and the mainstream media fails to expose these crimes.

Now, another Democrat has been found stealing money from those who need it the most, but what she did with it is utterly disgusting.

Last summer our country was slammed with numerous natural disasters starting with massive hurricanes in the Atlantic that decimated towns making them hardly recognizable. It was long hurricane season and just when we thought we through with them all, Hurricane Maria formed barreling into Puerto Rico demolishing the rest of its fragile infrastructure.

As the storm pulled away from the coast, the American people began to get a sneak peek into the havoc Maria had caused, and the damage was mind-blowing.

The calls for donations started immediately, and thousands of Americans opened their hearts and wallets to donate to the storm-ravaged victims in the area. Food and supplies were needed which prompted many people to give their time and also contract with the government to bring the much-needed supplies.

One of those people who contracted with FEMA was Tiffany Brown from Atlanta, Georgia a former 2003 Democratic candidate for mayor.

The contract that Brown acquired paid a whopping $156 million to provide 30 million meals to Puerto Rico which broke down to $5.10 a plate. However, Brown did not make good on the contract failing to deliver the meals to the victims of the horrible storm. In fact, Brown only provided 50,000 meals, and instead of turning back the money she received from the taxpayers, Brown is now suing FEMA.

Yeah, Brown is another GREEDY Democrat who also has been in trouble in the past for not filing her own taxes and who has several liens against her is actually suing FEMA instead of giving back the money.

You just can’t make this stuff up folks!


Here is more from The Root:

“An Atlanta woman whose one-person company was contracted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide millions of meals to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, but delivered only a fraction of that, says that FEMA is to blame.

Tiffany Brown, who is listed as the only employee of Tribute Contracting LLC, last year got a $156 million FEMA contract to provide 30 million meals to Puerto Rico at a cost of $5.10 each.

According to a congressional investigation, she was the lowest bidder.

Once Brown received the contract, she then subcontracted the job to two companies, including a caterer in Atlanta, with 11 employees. So for those counting, that would be about 12 people delivering 30 million meals.

“[The subcontractor] told me she was experienced with this work,” Brown said to CBS News. “As time went on, she would be able to hire additional people to scale up.”

Except that didn’t happen. Only 50,000 of the 30 million meals were delivered. FEMA says that it terminated the contract “due to late delivery.”

FEMA says that the company was vetted, yet a congressional inquiry led by House Democrats on the House oversight committee revealed that Tribute had five previous government contracts terminated for “not delivering required food” and “inability to ship products.”

Here’s where it gets crazy.

Tiffany Brown is seeking a settlement of at least $70 million from FEMA, according to ABC.

She says she wants to make sure that the other companies she hired are “made whole” and are able to pay the debt they took on to fulfill the contract for 30 million meals. The government does not pay for meals up front but only after delivery.

There is some dispute between Brown and the agency over the terms of the contract (e.g., whether it contractually bound her to include components for heating the meals with the meals); Brown says she thought that FEMA would give her a chance to correct the problem, although she was reportedly late in delivering the first batch of meals.”

What this entire situation boils down is another corrupt Democrat who took advantage of the system for her own personal gain. No one in the political world should even entertain this frivolous lawsuit from Brown at all, in fact, they should just throw her in jail and make an example out of her.

It is disgusting for us as hard-working Americans to see this sort of government waste and know that nothing will be done about it. However, hopefully, she will be held accountable for her greed and is forced to pay a stiff price for it.

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