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RIGHT In Middle Of Speech, Melania Turned And Suddenly Everyone Saw Chilling Thing Behind Her

On many occasions, President Donald Trump’s wife, Melania has shown that she is worthy to have the position of the first lady.

Melania and the president showed that they truly care about the American people.

During her speech today, she gave a dose of her respect towards one recovering addict.

According to Liberty Writers, the first lady spoke in front of a packed audience at the White House regarding the opioid addiction that is destroying the nation. She is committed to fighting the addiction and helping the victims.

She explained that she recently took a larger interest in this issue and she described how she has been participating in meetings and listening sessions about the drug epidemic.

Behind her was one addict who is trying to recover from the drug addiction, and she explained that she is very proud of the effort and the progress.

In a heartwarming moment, the first lady also hugged and kissed the recovering opioid addict on the cheek and told her that she is in her prayers.

These couple of months, Trump has taken an interest in the opioid crisis, holding several events with advocates and those impacted by the drug addiction.

Surely, for the drug addicts, it is promising to see that President Trump and the first lady have taken a big interest to help with the recovery efforts. Their support is a huge deal for the drug addicts and will probably help them in their journey against the drug use.

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