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2 DEAD As Michigan School Shooter’s Sick Secret Revealed, Active Attack Still Underway

It’s a horrifying reality of the world we live in that after every mass shooting attack, several more follow. This “copycat” reaction proves the mental health crisis in America.

Deranged individuals want the attention the first shooter got and to go down in infamy as such, leaving a sick mark on our nation’s history. Citizens haven’t even healed from what happened in Parkland, Texas just a couple weeks ago and now are learning the bloodbath isn’t over.

A shooter just opened fire on the Central Michigan University campus. As the chaos is still unfolding at the time of this writing, we have learned that initial shots were reported in the Campbell Hall building, at least two people had been hit, and the shooter was still at large.

“At least two people were reportedly shot when a gunman opened fire inside a Michigan university building early Friday morning,” Fox News reports. Mount Pleasant Police told Fox News that they are searching for a black man who is considered ‘armed and dangerous,’ after he opened fire at Central Michigan University.

“We don’t know where he is,” police added.

While the officers are still on the lookout for this armed and obviously dangerous suspect who could be hiding anywhere, taking hostages, or shooting others who get in his warpath, authorities do know who they are looking for.

The shooting suspect has been identified by CMU as James Eric Davis Jr. He’s 19 years old, 5’10”, 135 lbs, according to Fox35. Davis is described as an African-American wearing yellow-colored jeans, a blue hoodie with a weapon tucked in his belt.

It’s unknown at this time if he is a student at the school or just picked the nearest campus to release his rage. What does seem evident at this point, although not yet confirmed, is that he had been hiding his sick secret of intentions.

Considering how armed he reportedly was when arriving on campus, the ambush could not have been an immediate reaction to something that had just happened on campus, or crime of opportunity.

Until the shooter is found and captured, assuming he’s still alive, his motive or how the attack happened that has already left two dead is only speculation.

“Authorities haven’t yet said if the suspect is a student, nor have they described the situation that led up to the shooting,” Fox35 added. “All of CMU is locked down and the city of Mount Pleasant said all city buildings and schools are also locked down.”

What also has yet to be determined is how the investigation into this deadly incident will be hamdled and what information about police response will come out in the days to come from witnesses.

We hope and expect for that to be a vast difference than the botch response by Broward Country Police in the Parkland, Florida massacre, which still leaves a lot of questiona dn speculation a couple weeks after the massacre.

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