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Trump Combats Liberalism With Self-Imposed Surveillance

This will hopefully prevent liberals from spreading further rumors.

President Donald Trump is inviting television cameras into White House talks, showing meetings that would otherwise be held behind closed doors. This should make it difficult for his opponents to put words into his mouth and start another international scandal.

Democrats are criticizing the move, saying there are no real advancements being made. Of course, there are those who compare it to the Apprentice. That is easily predicted, but those same detractors will not have such an easy time disparaging his mental prowess or accusing him of a xenophobia.

It will be more difficult to lie about his willingness to listen to others who are different than him or otherwise just make stuff up about him.

Senator Sherrod Brown called it the “Presidential Show,” adding that it is nice to talk. In reality, President Trump is most likely the same or better in front of the cameras.

Senator Dick Durbin expects him to change his mind soon, and give up the attempt at transparency. Some believe that it will show how different the president is from other politicians from both sides of the aisle. He is already a refreshing change from the usual establishment RINO in a suit.

Chris Ruddy, a friend of the president, thinks that it is a great idea. Like his reality television show, the viewer will get to see every aspect of the business: the business that actually belongs to the American public.

Charlie Black, a Republican strategist, worries that those participating in the meetings will not feel comfortable negotiating seriously on live television. Perhaps that is because it would be embarrassing to display their true motivations and intentions.

An unknown White House official has reported that the president is very happy with the decision, calling it “100 percent Trump.”

Matt Dallek, an associate professor at George Washington University, believes that the meetings are “fundamentally deceptive,” because the views forwarded are not something he will stick with.

That might be why they are called ‘negotiations.’

Views are allowed to change, given new agreements and input. This may work to prove how little like a dictator the president wants to be.

President Trump has been accused of racism and empowering and legitimizing racism and misogyny. He is constantly attacked without proof and blamed for the rise in hate crime.

Controversies like the ‘sh*thole’ countries scandal could be averted by televising these meetings. Incidents like these are created by those who want to disparage the president and his supports. Many celebrities and public figures incite hate speech and crimes against Trump supporters without having any real evidence of racism.

A new poll supposedly shows that the ‘sh*ithole’ controversy is one of the main reasons people think that the President of the United States is racist. Never mind the support he continues to gain from black leaders and record lows in unemployment across the board.

According to CNN, Trump’s approval rating once topped 67 percent; this is particularly true among blacks and whites earning under $25,000. Now, all of the sudden he is a racist.

Streaming live from the oval office would prevent a great deal of hearsay that comes after closed-door meetings. Short of eyes only, state secret meetings revealing the inner workings of the White House might also solve a lot of the bad press issues the country is now having.

Critics of the president’s management style call him a ‘flip-flopper,’ who has a hard time creating a “cohesive whole” out of his various thoughts, tweets, and policy statements.

A prime example in the current political news cycle is gun control. After a meeting with the NRA lobbyist, it is being reported that Trump does not want gun control. Is this another course correction as CNBC is reporting?

Rather, is there some consistency that becomes apparent when you see the full picture and do not take what the president says out of context?

Ultimately, if more was on the record we would know exactly what is merely the exaggerations of the media and what news is fake. This is likely why the liberal media will oppose televised meetings from the White House.

The public should embrace this never before seen level of transparency in the presidency. What an exciting time to be an American. We have a president who wants to share the experience and listen to the people.

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