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Oprah’s PISSED As Movie FLOPS

Oprah Winfrey latest movie “A Wrinkle In Time” just premiered, and it’s officially been labeled a flop.

The award-winning book that the movie is based on is a science fiction fantasy about Christianity’s concept of good versus evil, but Winfrey and the Black Lives Matter director Ava DuVernay erased Christianity, making it New Age and politically correct. You’ll be shocked how “Christians and white people” are now blamed for its horrendous reviews.

Madeleine L’Engle’s 1962 award-winning book “A Wrinkle In Time” is known for its Christian themes, as well as being a sci-fi fantasy about a young girl named Meg whose scientist father gets trapped in another dimension by his own governmental experiment. Well, Oprah and her new favorite director, Ava DuVernay, took the novel and transformed it into a hot mess of a movie.

The movie is about racial diversity and social justice, and the critics say it “sucks.” The Federalist reports, “Critics are largely panning ‘A Wrinkle In Time,’ and Director Ava DuVernay is not taking it well. According to her Twitter feed, white journalists of either gender simply don’t understand her vision for the movie.”

The report adds, “Vulture editor Kyle Buchanan pleased DuVernay when he said in a tweet ‘one of the most subtle, resonant’ threads in the film that he discovered after interviewing her was … the character Meg’s insecurity about her hair.”

This is a film based on a Christian-inspired book about an epic battle between darkness and light. But, according to DuVernay, Buchanan nailed it. “You were the only Caucasian journalist of any gender to see it, understand it and seriously ask me about it,” DuVernay tweeted in response to Buchanan.

In response, Cherelle Rand tweeted, “Ava DuVernay’s comments about Meg’s hair are disappointing and cringeworthy. Self-acceptance is the only thing that matters. We have to move away from white approval/acceptance.” She goes on to attach the ridiculous “big message” DuVernay wanted to make in the movie; namely, that a white boy would compliment a black girls “curls.”

It isn’t just Christian, conservative voices who are disappointed to see the removal of God from the story. Tara Isabella Burton noted the importance of Christianity to the Wrinkle narrative on Vox, writing, “L’Engle’s Christianity was about balancing seemingly impossible ideas — paradox — and discovering and maintaining faith, in spite of the seeming chaos of the surrounding world.”

Oprah’s reaction to the critics panning the film was to do a “hair flip,” tweeted DuVernay. While at the London premiere of the film, the bad reviews were coming in, and in response, DuVernay said, “I know Disney spent a $100 million dollars, they can afford it.”

Being tapped to direct a big budget movie with so much expectation was undoubtedly a daunting task for DuVernay. The fact that the movie is being poorly reviewed must be bitterly disappointing. And, this is certainly not the first time a director in the spotlight has deflected blame for a stinker by blaming the critics.

DuVernay is taking an especially low road, however, by singling out Christians and white reviewers for being too dumb to understand her film, especially since she graduated from an elite all-girls Catholic high school in Southern California. She can’t claim ignorance. She has rejected all she learned there and embraced the Hollywood crowd.

Oprah has been part of the New Age movement for years, so we are not shocked by her part in screwing up what could have been a great movie. Twitter users were brutal in expressing their disgust and disappointment.

“Let’s just be honest… A Wrinkle In Time is just dreadful. It will be a flop. Kids thought it was a comedy. My family wasted $127 on tickets and concessions. #WastedMoney #WrinkleInTime,” tw

It seems “Kitchen chart” is just one person who didn’t like it and their distaste had nothing to do with politics. Like other people are saying, it just “sucks.”

Well, this isn’t a good omen for Oprah if she is thinking about running for president. She starred in a huge $100 million dollar Disney movie, and it flopped. Yeah, that’s not saying America loves you no matter what. When will these Hollywood idiots figure it out? America is a Christian nation, and we want to see movies that reflect our values, not Hollywood’s sick culture.

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