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BREAKING: Key Witness To Major Clinton Murder Comes Forward – Hillary PANICKING

Bill and Hillary Clinton are in full panic mode after a witness to one of their worst crimes came forward.

If you know anything about the Clintons, you know that they have been linked to an unusual number of mysterious deaths. Somehow, Bill and Hillary Clinton have managed to evade prosecution for their crimes for decades, but their luck may have finally just run out.

Freedom Daily reported that former WWE star Billy Jack Haynes just came forward to make some disturbing allegations about the death of two Arkansas teens back in 1987. Kevin Ives and Don Henry were found dead on train tracks in Saline County on August 23, 1987.

The theory that was pushed by then-Governor Bill Clinton’s appointed medical examiner was that this was a suicide which was caused by smoking too much pot, drinking and passing out on the train tracks which led to them getting hit by a train. However, an Atlanta-based pathologist found the boys were knocked unconscious or killed before their bodies were ever dumped on the tracks and found no traces of pot or alcohol in their bodies, and a grand jury later ruled that this was a homicide.

Rumors have swirled for decades that Ives and Henry were killed because they saw something they weren’t supposed to see. Now, Haynes has come forward to say he witnessed their murder.

“I come with no hidden voice. I come to you straight face-to-face, because this is reality, man,” Haynes said in a new video. “Don’t hide nothing!”

Haynes went on to explain that while he was a 6’3″, 280-pound wrestler in 1987, he also transported and trafficked cocaine through the United States.

“I was also an enforcer who provided muscle to other parts of the criminal element to ensure that their illegal business dealings were collected upon,” added Haynes. “In August of 1987, I was contacted by an Arkansas criminal politician and was asked if I would provide muscle at an Arkansas drug (transaction).”

The former wrestler refers to a male “criminal politician” multiple times, and though he never reveals his name, it’s clear he’s talking about Clinton. He said the politician was suspicious that cash from drug money drops was being stolen.

“While conducting security for the drug money drop, I witnessed the murders of two young boys: Kevin Ives and Don Henry. They were murdered by other individuals who were working for the same criminal politician. Their bodies were placed on the railroad tracks to be mutilated by a passing train,” Haynes alleged.

Haynes made it clear that he is terrified the Clintons will have him killed.

“I’m standing here putting my life on the line, telling you that I could very well be killed,” added Haynes. “They have to be taken down.”

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