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Breaking: Stormy Daniels Allegedly Denies Trump Affair

If a recently released Facebook message screenshot is to be believed, Stormy Daniels has a completely different story to tell her friends in private than she prepared for CNN and 60 Minutes via her lawyer.

According to, a friend of Stormy had a Facebook conversation in which Stormy vehemently denies the affair and states the meeting was for “different business conversation,” and while Trump is not mentioned by name in the message, the friend cites a separate post to Facebook, in which she expresses her disbelief in Stormy’s allegations, and questions her motives in spreading the story around.

While CNN has been so desperate that the 13 Democrats and Mueller, who has several conflicts of interest with his special council and Trump find ANYTHING that could possibly maybe allege that he had any contact with Russia between June 15, 2015 and January 20, 2017, that story hasn’t panned out. In fact, the most embarrassing reveals and sparks to criminal investigations have been towards Democratic members of the political field.

The DNC, Clinton Foundation, Adam Schiff, and Fusion GPS have all been embarrassed or compromised by the investigations into alleged collusion with Russia to “hack” or “meddle in” the election in ways that the accusers are STILL yet to highlight. They vehemently attack anyone who alleges the election was rigged in their favor or that the booths themselves were rigged in some way, yet Russia just MUST have “influenced” it in some way. Who honestly knows at this point. The narrative is so worn out and lacking in evidence that most Americans have fallen off the Russia bus. The neverending story is ending.

Below is the screenshot allegedly from the porn star to her friend. I am posting this screenshot here and positing that there is a 50/50 chance that its contents are true, just as her 60 Minutes interview was 50/50. There is no proof one way or the other, merely two competing narratives that the American public are being shot at with, because the mainstream media has now stooped to the low point of tabloid crap-swallowing on their 24/7 news cycle.

They are basically advertising a porn star in order to attempt to throw mud at the President of the United States and the effect is backfiring: even CNN polls find his approval ratings high as they’ve been since the end of his first 100 days, because the American people are focusing on the issues and legislation and actions rather than allegations from porn stars about a story from over a decade ago that they now seem to deny. The source of the screenshots has chosen to remain anonymous, which makes her dubious at best. See for yourself, and decide based on all the evidence we have seen thus far. We will continue to update this story as new information becomes available on the authenticity of the screenshots and statements.

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