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Joy Reid And ‘Atheist Christian’ Accuse Laura Ingraham For “Betrayal Of Jesus”

On Easter, MSNBC’s Joy Reid does what liberals do best. Get Atheists to explain why Conservative Christians aren’t good Christians.

Guest Frank Schaeffer, author of “Why I Am An Atheist Who Believes in God” claimed it is not “a happy Easter” because Laura Ingraham, said that Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg ‘whines’. David Hogg on the other hand, accused all NRA members of wanting to kill children.

Even though Ingraham apologized for her comment, Hogg continued to target her advertisers and refuse to accept her apology. Christians believe in forgiveness, but according to Schaeffer, Ingraham is irredeemable.

“The conservative Roman Catholics like Laura Ingraham … look at her, she’s a convert to Catholicism and here we are in Holy Week, culminating in Easter, and she chooses this time to mock a teenager who stood up against gun violence,” Schaeffer said.

“Look at the fall she has taken, now a poster child for imitating Donald Trump’s ugly intolerance. Imagine that, in Holy Week, at a time when Christians around the world are saying ‘he has risen,’” said Schaffer.

“We are in a moment of betrayal of the teaching of Jesus. We have an arrogant president who disrespects people and those who follow him are now imitating this vile behavior in Holy Week … that is where we are this Easter morning,” said Schaffer.

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