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Pelosi Panics As Americans Give Her Hell At Town Hall, Causes Major ‘Brain Fade’

CNN and the Democratic Party are freaking out as new polls show there is no “blue wave” happening for the mid-term elections. Hoping to gain ground, they colluded to give Nancy Pelosi an entire hour-long town hall event with their Democratic tool Chris Cuomo hosting. Things went wrong as Americans gave Pelosi hell, causing her to have a major brain fade on live TV.

The Democratic Party is panicking. For 18 months, they have put all their eggs in one basket, which is the Special Counsel’s “Russia-Trump” collusion case, and it’s dead on arrival. The leftist media has been their biggest ally against President Donald Trump, and yet, they are all failing miserably.

Now that many in the mainstream media had to report that President Donald Trump was right, he did have spies trying to infiltrate his campaign, they are trying to put out a new false narrative immediately. Their spokeswoman tasked with selling the new lies to the American people is Nancy Pelosi.

So, the Democratic brain trust, along with CNN, got together and hatched the plan: Chris Cuomo and Nancy Pelosi would do an hour-long town hall event on primetime television. However, this “brilliant plan” was doomed from the beginning since Pelosi and Cuomo are probably two of the most inept individuals working in politics today.

Clearly, whoever at CNN did the research on the people asking Pelosi questions got duped. Usually, at CNN town halls, we see the David Hogg type leftists asking the pre-planned questions. Instead, Cuomo and Pelosi bumbled along as Santa Fe senior Alexis Wilson got a hold of the mic.

Alexis Wilson was at the recent Texas high school shooting, and I’m betting she didn’t tell the CNN staffers her real question. Alexis asked Pelosi, “Where does the government stand on arming and training our teachers, much in the way we use air marshals on airplanes?”

Oh, no! Alexis Wilson is talking about arming people, not taking guns away. Pelosi drew a blank only remembering one part of the Democratic talking points. The minority leader answered, “Following a tragedy like this, all we want to do is pray for the families, but I do not support arming teachers and the rest.”

Cuomo sensed the audience wasn’t happy with Nancy’s ridiculous answer. When she says, “all we want to do is pray for the families,” she’s recalling a David Hogg tweet which went viral and became one of the new anti-gun talking points. Except, poor Nancy is having a “brain fade.” The line is “we’re tired of hearing all you’re going to do is pray for the families.”

Then, Pelosi makes a fatal error, saying, “The children should not have to be worried about going to school as a place that violence can occur. You have to get to systemically stop people from having guns who shouldn’t have guns in the first place.”

Wow, that sounds like some type of gun confiscation. Pelosi is 78-years-old, and whatever mind she once had is gone. When another upset American asked if Trump really colluded with the Russians, then why hasn’t it been proven after one year, Pelosi again bumbled her way through an answer, spewing lies.

“I think there are 20 indictments, one directly associated with the campaign, [Paul] Manafort, 13 Russians, three not only indictments but….but…evictions,” says Pelosi, meaning convictions. But, that’s not her only problem. Besides the brain fade with the word conviction, she’s lying, big time.

The judge in the Manafort case was pissed off at Robert Mueller’s henchmen during a recent court hearing. Why? Because the allegations against him are from 5-7 years ago and have nothing to do with Donald Trump at all.

Judge T.S. Ellis was furious. He told Mueller’s team, “You really care about what information Mr. Manafort can give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment or whatever. That’s what you’re really interested in,” meaning the only reason they are putting the screws to Manafort is to make him turn on Trump. They don’t care about justice or the truth.

The “13 Russians” is a farce. In fact, these are the so-called Russian troll farms, and they are located conveniently for Mueller in St. Petersburg, Russia. Naming them in indictments was just a show to back up the bogus claims that all these Russian trolls impacted the 2016 election by using social media, thus brainwashing Americans. Since they are in Russia, Mueller can’t arrest them. It’s all just a big ruse.

It was such a farce that when one of the named companies from Russia showed up to the hearing, completely pissed off and ready to have their day in court, Mueller’s henchmen panicked and begged the judge for “more time,” in a case they brought. The judge told them “too bad.” Mueller’s team brought the case, and this Russian company is saying it’s BS. They want their day in court, so no delays.

So, Nancy Pelosi is lying when she conveys that Mueller’s case has brought anything of value. And, if the Democrats are hoping ole Pelosi is going to bail them out and bring the “blue wave” on, they were badly mistaken. Americans gave her hell, and the aging minority leader folded like a house of cards.

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