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Chris Matthews Mocks Trump For Being Peaceful With Kim Jong Un, It’s Disgusting

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is apparently very confused why President Trump would act more kindly to Kim Jong Un than to people such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The answer is extremely obvious to anyone with common sense. Trump should be hard on allies who try to take advantage of us. Trump should be kind to those that we are trying to form relationships with and find peace with.

However according to Matthews, it is because Trump is a dictator and is able to relate to people like Kim Jong Un. However, if Trump was a dictator, people like Chris Matthews wouldn’t even be around.

“Using geography to make your point, Elise, he sits four or five feet from our ally in the north, that’s, of course, Canada and Trudeau, who causes us no trouble and then you see him huddling in these pictures of huddling with the other guy, with Putin. You know, it’s really, a statement,” said Matthews.

“He can relate,” says the guest. “He likes Putin,” responded Matthews. “Donald Trump can relate to authoritarians. He, as a former businessman, he likes absolute control,” said the guest.

“However, we’re learning today that President Trump does not intend to address the issue of human rights. According to two administration officials, “the U.S. has decided not to bring up human rights at the summit.” I was told, Elise, you’re not allowed to have a radio there. You’re not allowed to even hear news,” whined Matthews. Does Matthews want us to go to nuclear war? Good thing we have a reasonable and smart President.

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