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Hannity Asks Anti-Trump London Protesters To Name Even One Of His Policies, See Hilarious Results

The people of London are protesting President Trump. But why do they care when he is not even their president? Apparently they just get angry at things that the media tells them to be angry about, even if they don’t know whey. Sean Hannity spoke with some of these Londoners asking exactly what they don’t like about him.

“What specifically don’t you like about Trump?” Hannity asked one guy. “I don’t like his policies,” the guy replied. Hannity asked which policies, and the man replied “all of them.” That wasn’t the only dumb response he got.

“It’s been hot this summer for a reason, you know what I mean?” claimed one protestor. Hannity wondered how that could possibly be Donald Trump’s fault. They think that Trump controls the weather? “I think [Trump] is promoting climate change,” said the protestor. That’s not how climate change even works.

“I’m here for all the hate Trump exudes. Yep,” said one protester. “[I’m here] to protest against the Trump administration and everything it stands for,” said another. Hannity asked the woman for specifics. “I’m…I’m OK not being interviewed,” she responds.

“I think a lot British people are more intelligent than the Americans are when it comes to voting,” said another protestor. “I think [Trump] represents everything that’s toxic about western culture and western history,” said another. Not a single intelligent or reasonable answer. Check out the video below.

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