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“Strzok Wasn’t Trying To Prevent Trump From Winning” Judge Pirro Exposes Strzok’s Real Sinister Goal

Biased FBI agent Peter Strzok went to testify when he was caught with text messages from 2016 claiming that he would use the FBI to stop Trump from winning the election. However, according to Judge Jeanine Pirro, just preventing Trump from winning wasn’t the real goal, his real goal was far more sinister.

“Strzok wasn’t trying to prevent Trump from winning. What he was doing was even worse. He was talking about having a plan to effectively disenfranchise the voters who elected Trump. Should Trump win, forget democracy, forget the people. Those voters who Strzok doesn’t like are idiots. He said so himself. In a texting to his mistress,” said Pirro.

“If his candidate of choice didn’t win — the one he helped avoid criminal liability — he was going to abuse the tour we entrusted him to insure that it didn’t matter,” said Pirro in reference to Hillary Clinton.

“If the unthinkable were to happen, his insurance policy would help deal with it. The insurance policy, my friends, is the Russia collusion investigation,” said Pirro.

Pirro interviewed State Department official Philippe Reines, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton. “Peter Strzok obviously did not exemplify the behavior he should have in terms of his text messages,” argued Reines. “There is no bias to the left among law enforcement. It is to crazy to think there is this cabal within the FBI to elect Hillary Clinton,” he said. Pirro responded in the perfect way “Oh my gosh, Philippe, you’re not saying that, are you? You’re not serious?” she exclaimed.

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