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James Woods Shows His Love for Cops With Incredible #BlueLivesMatter Tweet

When a sheriff’s deputy in West Virginia posted a viral photo showing her wounds from a vicious battle with a suspect, it wasn’t long before she got some Twitter love from James Woods himself.

According to Fox News, Brooke County Sheriff’s Deputy Kristen Richmond responded along with three other deputies to a call at Betheny College in Bethany, West Virginia, where a student was apparently throwing furniture out a third-floor dormitory window.

There, they encountered a 21-year-old male student who, according to Richmond, was “gooned up on an unknown drug.”

The fight lasted roughly five minutes.

“During said altercation, my glasses were shattered and knocked off my face, none of my radio transmissions got out, and a ton of equipment was stripped from my vest and duty belt,” Richmond wrote in a Facebook post.

“I secured one of the subject’s hands in cuffs and maintained that grip throughout the majority of the fight. I also released my K9 partner and she did exactly what she trains to do; however, all the K9 bites, punches, knees, and baton strikes did not deter this guy. He wasn’t there. The drug had consumed every part of him. After about 5 minutes of fighting, my partners finally found us (due to lack of comms) and, after several more minutes of fighting, we were able to secure him in cuffs ending the fight.”

These are some of the photos, which we must warn you are graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

“The following saying comes to mind: Sometimes I had a bad day means that I almost didn’t make it home,” she wrote.

“While fighting with this guy, he reached for my duty weapon. Given the circumstances (full details are not being disclosed in this post), deadly force was warranted and it was probably getting close to my last resort. Thankfully, it did not reach that point … I think the majority of the credit goes to my training outside of work. I’ve been beat to hell and back in training so I knew how to react and fight through being repeatedly being struck in the face and head.”

To close the post, she urged other officers to train and to bond with their partners, while urging the public to think again in cases involving police “before jumping to conclusions based off slanted media and facts.”

After the post, Richmond got a shout-out from none other than our favorite conservative acting icon.

“What a brave and cool Deputy she is,” Woods tweeted. “That drugged-out guy doesn’t know how lucky he is. I venture to say a less reserved officer might well have shot him during that horrific struggle.”

He closed with a “#BlueLivesMatter” hashtag — something that, like the rest of this message, is going to infuriate some leftists.

Talk about a great way to highlight a great deputy.

Our hats are off to you, Deputy Richmond. You deserve everyone’s respect — not just James Woods’.

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