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Liberals Arrive To Feed Refugees, Have ‘Change Of Heart’ When They See What’s Waiting

When a leftist pro-migrant organization volunteered to distribute food at a refugee camp, they immediately had a change of heart after they realized what was in store for them.

Although most liberals are well-intentioned, they have been hoodwinked by the mainstream media into believing that love and tolerance can win over members of the most oppressive and violent cultures and ideologies. Entirely dedicated to their philosophy, naive progressives implement their social policies with the false impression that they truly are doing good.

For the few leftists who actually practice what they preach, it’s only a matter of time before they discover the harsh outcome of their progressive policies. Unfortunately, they’re often such devoted ideologues that they can’t recognize the error of their ways even when it brutally assaults them.

Ignorantly choosing to believe the best about the incoming asylum seekers, left-wing members of the pro-migrant organization Solidarité Migrants Wilson headed to Paris’ notorious refugee camp Porte de la Chapelle to personally distribute food to migrants in a kindhearted display of France’s tolerance. What ultimately ensued is exactly what their conservative counterparts have warned would happen.

After just 20 months of lovingly handing out food and drinks at the refugee camp, the volunteers of the liberal charity were forced to shut down their operation out of fear for their lives. According to RT, Solidarité Migrants Wilson lamented that after a year and a half of personally giving aid to asylum seekers, the camp has become too violent for them to continue their generous volunteer work.

Caro explained that migrants clash with the police on a daily basis and are often dispersed with tear gas and physical force. He confirmed that the streets of Paris are flooded with illegal migrants as the refugee camps have proven to be utter failures.

According to Caro, the situation is becoming tense. Migrants cluster in terrible conditions and some of them don’t even have tents, and just sleep on the ground, he said. “Sometimes they are being woken up by police early in the morning, they kick them and use tear gas to move them,” Caro states.

Caro admitted that, along with riots, the camp has become a hotbed for other illegal activities. He stated that drug addicts have contributed to turning the area into dangerous territory for his crew members.

The situation gets even more dangerous when drug addicts show up at food distribution events and cause problems. “It creates additional tension,” Caro says. “They’re aggressive, including towards the volunteers. So this is an explosive situation,” he admits.

According to Breitbart, crime isn’t the only worrying factor mass migration has brought France. Caro explained that area is an absolute nightmare as far as sanitation is concerned.

Now the area, according to the group, has “become an extremely dangerous place, where the exiles, men, women, children, live in appalling sanitary conditions: they are at least 700 people, permanently, with only two water points, which have been restored by the city after dozens of emails from us.”

“The hygienic conditions are very worrying. We want to warn the public authorities about the totally explosive nature of the situation and call them once again to take on their responsibilities,” Solidarité Migrants Wilson added, according to Le Parisien.

The organization penned a letter to the Paris administration in a cry for help. They explained that they will no longer be able to send volunteers to the area due to violent clashes between migrants and police, as well as the massive influx of drugs. Thanks to illegal immigration, the capital has been overtaken by homelessness and crime.

The group has since called upon government officials to throw more taxpayer money into improving the conditions. However, no amount of funds will resolve the migrant crisis France has thrust upon itself. In fact, the country, as well as much of Europe, is now suffering the worst refugee crisis since WWII. The number of migrants in the French suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis alone has risen to around 300,000 with as many as 500 arriving each week.

Despite their charitable efforts, liberal activists such as these are just as selfish as the political elitists they support. They hide behind the guise of tolerance and charity, flagrantly sacrificing their fellow citizens’ taxes and safety in order to make themselves feel good about their virtuous contributions. They pat themselves on the back for their good deeds in order to feel guiltless in turning a blind eye to the horrendous offenses of their ungrateful recipients.

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