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Liberal Host Rebukes Rep. For Turning Away Refugees, His Next Question Silences Her

After a smug liberal anchor attempted to berate a conservative representative over refusing to take in refugees, the right-wing politician utterly obliterated her on the air with a brilliantly savage question of his own.

As millions of mostly Muslim migrants continue pouring into Europe, Westerners are expected to open their borders and take in an unlimited number of asylum seekers. According to bleeding-heart leftists, these interlopers need only to claim that they are refugees in order to receive all the glorious benefits Europe has to offer.

Of course, these compassionate liberals are never willing to practice what they preach. In fact, they expect their progressive representatives to implement their social justice at the expense of the already burdened taxpayers. Fortunately, one politically-incorrect politician is not only refusing to do so, he’s also impudently calling out the liberal hypocrites in the process.

Once again, unstoppable Polish Member of Parliament (MP) Dominik Tarczyński is making international headlines for his signature brash and straightforward platitudes. While giving a heated interview on TRT’s “The Newsmakers,” the right-wing representative was hit with a loaded question when the liberal host asked how he felt about the “European problem” i.e. the migrant crisis. It was then that Tarczyński unleashed hell.

Before she could finish invoking her liberal propaganda, MP Dominik Tarczyński indignantly called her out, not only slamming her for calling it a “European problem” but asking her “where is Saudi Arabia?” and “where is Qatar?” when it comes to taking in their fellow Muslims, according to Voice of Europe.

“This is not the European problem. Stop using this sentence. This is [a] worldwide crisis. Where is Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world? Where is Qatar? Most of these refugees are Muslims which are neighbors to this country, so why you are calling this a European problem?”

Before being cut off, Tarczyński reminded the reporter who should be held responsible for enabling migrants to invade Europe.

“[The] European Union is not responsible for Angela Merkel’s madness and looking for cheap labor.”

The anchor uncomfortably conceded that Tarczyński is correct in his assertion that Muslim-majority countries should be contributing more efforts to take in asylum seekers.

Of course, this isn’t the first time MP Tarczyński has made progressive liberals clutch at their pearls. Just recently, the Polish parliamentarian took on no-nonsense British reporter Cathy Newman. In the British Channel 4 interview, Newman attempted to corner Tarczyński with emotion-inducing questions. She was ultimately dumbfounded by his refusal to kowtow to her chastisement for refusing any and all Muslim migrants on behalf of Polish citizens.

“How many refugees has Poland taken?” Newman questions.

“Zero,” Tarczyński unapologetically replies.

“And you’re proud of that?” Newman patronizingly retorts.

“If you’re asking me about Muslims, illegal immigration — none,” he scolds. “Not even one will come to Poland. Not even one, if it’s illegal.”

Newman again expresses her shock, remarking, “You sound proud of the fact that you haven’t taken in any refugees” and adding that some have called him “racist” for such comments. At this, Tarczyński hits back even stronger, reminding her that such liberal tactics won’t work on him.

“Of course, because this is what our people are expecting from our government,” he replied. “This was why our government was elected. This is why Poland is so safe. This is the reason why we have not even one terrorist attack. Look at the streets in Poland. And we can be called populists, nationalists, racists — I don’t care. I care about my family and I care about my country.”

Polish MP Dominik Tarczyński not only understands the threat of mass migration from countries that despise our values and freedoms but also that his job is to represent the will of the people. He isn’t invoking his own agenda like so many political elitists. He’s ensuring the safety and preserving the culture of his country regardless of the petty insults leftists hurl at him.

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