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Father Sets His Newborn On Fire When He Sees What’s ‘Wrong’ With Baby

After discovering what was “wrong” with his newborn baby, a father horrifically burned the baby alive in order to resolve the issue.

When welcoming a newborn into the world, most parents merely hope and pray that their child will be delivered healthy. Although many new parents are forced to confront the reality that their baby is born with a debilitating disease or deformation, this doesn’t hinder them from providing their child with all the love and care they deserve. Despite his wife giving birth to a perfectly healthy newborn, Jahirul Islam decided to end his child’s life in the most sinister way all because of something he believed was unforgivably wrong.

In the Pakunda village of Bangladesh, a woman gave birth to a healthy, perfectly formed baby. However, Jahirul Islam, the woman’s husband, took one look at the infant and immediately expressed his disappointment. Just 9 months later, Jahirul killed the precious baby in a particularly brutal and shocking murder in an apparent attempt to restore honor to his family name.

BDNews 24 reports that Jahirul doused his 9-month-old baby Jannatul with gasoline and set her on fire as she slept in her bed, watching her gruesomely burn to death all because he “wanted a son, not a daughter.” He apparently wanted an heir to carry on his name, and he looked at the girl child and his wife as the cause of his misfortune.

His wife Kulsum heard her baby’s bloodcurdling screams and ran to save her. Tragically, she used her own body in a desperate attempt to snuff out the fire. It was then that Jahirul heartlessly turned on a fan in order to agitate the flames.

Miraculously, Kulsum managed to save her baby from being completely consumed by the flames, burning herself in the process. However, Jannatul was still in critical condition from her severe injuries, which required emergency medical care. Disturbingly, Jahirul refused to allow the distraught mother to take the baby to the hospital. Instead, he called in a local medicine man in a bid to hide his crime from the police.

Before even reaching her first birthday, Jannatul suffered and died from her horrific wounds. Fighting for her life for several days after the attempted murder, the precious baby succumbed to her injuries, prompting her mother to escape her husband’s imprisonment and notify the police. Jahirul was subsequently charged with the murder but has fled the police, according to

Kulsum told the police that Jahirul would take drugs and mercilessly beat her. She said his violent behavior ensued after she gave birth to a daughter, causing him to turn his rage toward her and the innocent baby. His all-consuming hate ultimately led him to viciously slay his own child, forcing her to suffer a painful and undeserved end.

It’s stories like this that cause any good parent to hug their children a bit tighter and appreciate what time we are given with our little ones. It’s truly unimaginable that a father would find any reason to justify harming his own child, much less murdering them for something as trivial as their gender.

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