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Trump Offers His Hand To Michelle, Americans Cringe As She Goes LOW At Bush Funeral

Former President George H.W. Bush had made it very clear that he wanted President Donald Trump to be front and center at his funeral services. After watching the anti-Trump John McCain memorials, Bush 41 called the White House and requested when his time had come, he wanted the president there and then told his family not to follow in the McCain family’s footsteps. Well, Michelle Obama didn’t get the memo, nor did Hillary Clinton. Americans cringed as they both went low.

Sometimes it’s not what you say but it’s what you do. Never was that so true than today at the funeral of former President George H.W. Bush. The service was filled with joy and tears, and it was a sight to see as five Presidents of the United States sat in solidarity in the front row.

Sadly, two former first ladies, who had to know their every move was being watched by millions of Americans, reacted badly to President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. But before that happened, in fitting fashion, the entire congregation was seated, as President Trump and the first lady made a somber entrance to rousing music.

The front row of the presidents and their spouses looked on. Barack & Michelle Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and Jimmy & Roslyn Carter all turned their eyes to the current First Couple as they made they way up the center aisle and took their seats.

This is what Bush 41 wanted. Politics are put aside, the dignity of the great office of the president is celebrated. But right away the mainstream media picked up on Michelle Obama’s reaction to Donald Trump.


“Michelle Obama sat back in her seat and watched as President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump took their seats next to her husband, former President Barack Obama, at the Washington National Cathedral,” reported Newsweek.

They went on, “The former first lady then watched as Donald Trump shook hands with her husband, and after a brief pause, she raised her eyebrows and shook the 45th president’s hand herself. But she did not look thrilled.” But there’s more.

Then, there was the failed presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton’s look threw daggers at Melania Trump. Bill Clinton, the jovial clown, was smiling and actually gracious, as was former President Jimmy Carter who lit up with a big smile and a wave at the First Couple.

Newsweek reports, ” Before the Trumps took their seats, President Trump’s 2016 presidential election opponent Hillary Clinton looked over and nodded several times as Melania Trump shook ex-President Bill Clinton’s hand and made a hand gesture at her, but the former secretary of state did not extend her hand or crack a smile. Bill Clinton looked over at President Trump, but Hillary Clinton looked away.”

Michelle Obama took time off her big international book tour, returning from London to attend George H.W. Bush’s funeral. Michelle has been trashing Trump as much as she could during her events. The 54-year-old Mrs. Obama wrote in her memoir she will never forgive Trump bringing up the birther controversy, which was many years ago, claiming it put her families lives in danger.

What a bunch of malarkey. Bill and Hillary too have launched a failed talking tour where they trash the president. Yet, who was it that refused to adhere to Bush 41’s wishes? Sure, the two first ladies didn’t utter a word, but they didn’t have to — the mainstream media is now focusing on their dirty looks.

The leftist media is just itching to blame some faux pas on Trump at this funeral. But he has been wonderful to the Bush family, doing everything in his power to make this day an absolute tribute to a great American.

“The president and the first lady have been very gracious,” Jeb Bush said. “I think it’s been great.” He also addressed the question of why Trump was not giving the eulogy, which the leftist media has been saying it’s a slap in his face.

“What people want to talk about is: Well why isn’t the president giving the eulogy? And it’s because we have a unique circumstance here,” the former Florida Governor explained. “My brother was president. It’s like, I’m sorry. First dibs, as we used to say. I don’t know how to explain it other than that.”

George H.W. Bush lost re-election to Bill Clinton. The Clintons ran a dirty campaign, yet, unlike the Obamas, Bush 41 refused to bash the Clintons. Now, we see President Trump look on as the same snakes refuse to be civil at a moment when the nation is mourning. So much for going high, Michelle and Hillary once again go low. When will they learn not everything is about them?

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