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Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour Angers Roseanne, Barr Says: B*tch Shut Up!

Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour has made headlines for her rabid antisemitic statements. She supports the Muslim Brotherhood, is an avowed supporter of Sharia law, and she praises the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, the noted hater of Jews. And she’s on the record hating Roseanne Barr. Well, the 66-year-old comedian just told Sansour, “B*tch shut up!” And Roseanne was just getting started. You’ll love this.

Roseanne Barr is in Israel where she has been quite vocal about American politics. Barr is on the record as a devout Jew, and she sure doesn’t like any nonsense, especially political correctness. The comedian is coming off of a tough year where she saw ABC yank her reboot of The Roseanne Show after the Trump supporter posted a misguided tweet about Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Now, Barr is blasting the Women’s March leaders in Tel Aviv, paying special attention to Linda Sarsour. Roseanne has had a long feud with the pro-Sharia Women’s March leader. “Sarsour is a prominent Palestinian-American activist known for her anti-Israeli views. During an interview with the Nation, Sarsour claimed those who identify as Zionists cannot be feminists because they are ignoring the rights of Palestinian women,” the Free Beacon reported.

“It just doesn’t make any sense for someone to say, ‘Is there room for people who support the state of Israel and do not criticize it in the movement?’ There can’t be in feminism. You either stand up for the rights of all women, including Palestinians, or none. There’s just no way around it,” Sarsour said.

Sarsour also has a history of also supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. She tweeted back in 2011 when the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Eygpt: “Yo the Muslim Brotherhood knows how to parrrttaaay! So much for radical islamists taking over! If these r – they r da coolest! #jan25 #Egypt.”

These statements from Sarsour started the feud with Barr, who took to social media and let the pro-Sharia law Women’s March leader know she wasn’t buying it. Barr tweeted a response to Sarsour, “Is it even possible to be a pro-Palestinian feminist?” She made the point that in Muslim countries women are treated like property and second-class citizens.

Sarsour had no good comeback and immediately blocked Roseanne on Twitter. Now, the outspoken comedian just ripped Sarsour and her cohorts in front of a crowd of 500 in Israel. “Barr made her comments during a Q&A session following a panel she gave alongside longtime friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in Tel Aviv earlier this week,” Breitbart reports.

One audience member asked Barr what she thought of the Women’s March, to which the comedian answered: “It’s disgusting.”

“All my life I’ve fought to have women’s voices in the media and every other place,” she said, “but here I’m like ‘Bitch, shut up.’” Her swipe was met with cheers and applause from the 500-strong crowd of Israelis and new immigrants. Barr went on to say that hostility within the Women’s March defeated its purpose of defending human rights — and in particular, those of women.

“If you’re out there advocating for war and pain and division, it doesn’t seem real feminist to me,” she said. Indeed, this is what Sarsour is all about. Just last November, the original leader of the Women’s March, Teresa Shook, called for Sarsour to step down, Fox News reported.

Shook pointed out that Sarsour was condemned for saying the criticism against Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar over her support for the boycott of Israel (called BDS) is led by “folks who masquerade as progressives but always choose their allegiance to Israel over their commitment to democracy and free speech.”

And last year, Sarsour blamed “the Jewish media” for her and Farrakhan’s controversial reputation and pushed back against any accusations of anti-Semitism, added Fox News. But Roseanne wasn’t done.

Well, the 66-year-old Trump supporter made sure Sarsour’s good buddies recently elected to Congress, Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, know she isn’t going to let them get away with anything. Both support the BDS movement which is a boycott of Israeli business worldwide.

“We have Hamas in Congress,” Roseanne said, referring to Omar and Tlaib, adding that BDS has “infected” the Democratic Party. “BDS is another incarnation of Jew-hating. It’s a boycott of Jewish business worldwide,” she told Breitbart, before adding that BDS is comparable to the “Nazi boycott on Jewish business.”

Many will remember Omar was busted for posting a tweet claiming the Covington MAGA kids were taunting “5 black men,” and screamed, “it’s not rape if you enjoy it.” After an attorney representing the kids warned Omar that he would sue her for her blatant lies, the Congresswoman deleted the tweet. Rep. Rashida Tlaib is best known for calling the president a “mother-f*cker.”

Omar and Tlaib are also under heavy scrutiny for their antisemitic remarks. In December, Tlaib became the second lawmaker (along with Rep. Ilhan Omar,) to back the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement, which she claims brings to light Israel’s “racism and … international human rights violations,’” the Washington Examiner reported, who added the State Department’s definition of Anti-Semitism.

So when Roseanne claims that “Hamas is in Congress,” many Americans agree. As for Linda Sarsour, the supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood remains a leader of the leftist Women’s March, which should give any supporter of that movement cause to denounce it. Sadly, too many women who support the leftist movement have no scruples and showed up for the last Women’s March despite Sarsour’s presence.

Roseanne Barr can be brass, but she hits the nail on the head time after time. Her devotion to Israel should be applauded, not derided. She is a true American patriot who speaks her mind and is a breath of fresh air for those of us who are constantly attacked by the Hollywood crowd.

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