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“Stop Pocahontas” Conservative PAC to Fight Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Run

A new conservative PAC called “Stop Pocahontas” will fight against Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Presidential Run that was announced this Saturday.

A blast from Elizabeth Warren’s past has recently come back to haunt her as the registration card from her State Bar exam shows Warren writing “American Indian” under “race.”

Per TheHill, the head of the Republican National Committee (RNC) wrote Wednesday to the State Bar of Texas seeking disciplinary action against Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for identifying herself as American Indian on her registration card decades ago.

Ronna Romney McDaniel called that a misrepresentation and wrote to the state bar’s chief disciplinary counsel to argue the senator had failed to correct her registration card from 1986, and therefore violated the state’s requirements that applicants have “good moral character and fitness.”

“Attorney Warren is now apologizing for misrepresenting herself as an ‘American Indian’ or Native American throughout her career,” McDaniel wrote in a request made public by the RNC.

From WashingtonExaminer

A Massachusetts conservative political action committee plans to come after Elizabeth Warren as she officially enters the 2020 presidential race.

The “Stop Pocahontas” PAC is also calling for the second-term senator to not only drop her name from the 2020 Democratic ballot but also resign from Congress for lying about her claims of Native American heritage.

“She’s been lying to Massachusetts voters for years and she should be held responsible for that,” co-chairwoman of “Stop Pocahontas,” Holly Robichaud, said, according to the Boston Herald. “She stole a minority position and if she was a Republican, she’d be out of office already.”

The PAC also says she should resign because she lied again when denying that she made those claims to benefit her career.

Warren, who launched a presidential exploratory committee on the last day of 2018, is officially entering the Democratic primary race Saturday.

The Massachusetts senator’s heritage has been the center of controversy and put her on shaky ground as she enters an already-crowded Democratic primary race.

On more than one known occasion, Warren claimed to be Native American on employment documents for employment — once when applying for a law school professorship and another instance when filling out a Texas Bar registration card.

She has also touted her heritage during her time as a lawmaker.

President Trump, who often calls the senator “Pocahontas,” said that he would donate $1 million to a charity of her choosing if she were to take a DNA test to prove that she is of aboriginal descent.

She took the test last year and publicized the results, which indicated she was as little as 1/1024th Native American, a lower percentage than the average European American.

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