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WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Under Fire for Yanking Child Like a Stage Prop

2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren held her official rally to kick off her bid for the White House on Saturday.

During the event, Warren, who is facing controversy and backlash for falsely claiming she was Native American, can be seen roughly grabbing a child by the arm and dragging the youngster close to her for a photo op as if he’s nothing more than a “prop.”

American Mirror reported that the start of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign is a real grabber.

During an event on Saturday to officially announce that she’s running for president, the Massachusetts Democrat not only had attendees leave early, she also bizarrely yanked a child to stand closer to her on the stage.

Toward the end of her rally, Warren can be seen embracing a woman for a quick hug on the stage.

Then, she grabbed a young boy in a blue jacket by his arm and aggressively yanked him over to her before cracking a weird smile and waving to the crowd.

Watch the video:

Twitter users were not impressed.

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