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AOC Defends Hijabs While Mocking Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro

On Monday, Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to social media to mock Fox News and hosts Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro for backlash stemming from recent controversies.

“Between Tucker Carlson’s defense of sexual assault [and] calling women ‘extremely primitive,’ or Jeanine Pirro’s bigoted diatribe that hijabi women are ‘antithetical’ to the Constitution, who do you think Fox News will give a promotion to first?” she quipped.

The newly-elected Democrat lawmaker’s remarks came following Pirro’s recent questioning of embattled congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s loyalty to the Constitution, which elicited outrage from the left.

Additionally, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has found himself in the crosshairs of far-left activist group Media Matters as the organization urges a concerted boycott of his sponsors after recently unearthing radio interviews from over a decade ago.

Since her recent election to Congress during the 2018 midterms, Ocasio-Cortez has continued to aggressively criticize President Trump, Republicans, and conservative media including Fox News, while promoting her far-left ideology.

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