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While NYC Nears Bankruptcy, de Blasio Shares Video on How to Use Toilets

Many feel New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appears to be out of touch.

His city is also in financial dire straights and experts believe NYC could go bankrupt.

Watch the video:

And what is de Blasio doing? He’s tweeting about meatless Monday’s and giving instructions on how to use toilets.

Watch the video:

American Mirror reported that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is apparently concerned folks in the Big Apple don’t know how to properly use their toilets, so he’s offering a little advice.

“New York City: There are only FOUR things that should go in your toilet,” the NYC Mayor’s Office posted to Twitter, along with a series of emojis to illustrate the message. “poop, pee, puke, toilet paper

“Everything else causes FATBERGS! What are fatbergs? Well, you gotta click on”

According to the site, “the word ‘fatberg’ combines the words ‘fat’ and ‘iceberg’ to describe the masses of congealed grease and personal hygiene products that have been found lingering in sewers around the world.

“They are HUGE, DISGUSTING, DESTRUCTIVE, and COSTLY!” is the city’s public service campaign to fight the problem and it features videos and other information, in both English and Spanish.

It’s apparently a problem fueled in large part by “flushable” wet wipes that don’t degrade like normal toilet paper, as well as other sanitary supplies folks flush away without a thought.

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