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DISTURBING VIDEO RESURFACES: Biden Tells Female Senator “Spread Your Legs”

A disturbing 2013 video has resurfaced, showing then VP Joe Biden, telling former Senator Heidi Heitkamp to “spread her legs.”

This should be especially concerning in the #MeToo era.

Ryan Grim, the DC bureau chief at “Intercept,” tweeted out his memory of the incident.

Huffington Post reported on the 2013 incident.

Walking to her ceremonial swearing-in, held in the Old Senate Chamber, she points to her surroundings as a sign of America’s progress toward gender equality. “If you want to know about the number of women, look at the walls,” she says, referencing the dozens of portraits and statues of bygone male legislators lining the walls of the Capitol.

It is during the ceremony that Heitkamp and her husband encounter one particularly outspoken male legislator, Vice President Joe Biden.

“Spread your legs, you’re gonna be frisked,” Biden jokes while Heitkamp and her family stand for photos.

“Drop your hands to your sides,” Biden continues, vamping on the photographer’s commands to Heitkamp’s husband, Darwin Lang, to keep his arms straight. “You say that to somebody in North Dakota, they think it’s a frisk. Drop your hands to your side, y’know?”

Biden turns to Lang, looking for someone who gets the joke.

“They think you’re in trouble, right? You drop your hands to the side…”

Lang remains stiff and nods his head ambivalently.

Watch the video:

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