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Bill Maher Breaks from Standards, Warns Democrats What They Cannot Do or Else They’ll Lose in 2020

HBO host Bill Maher broke from the left-wing narrative by warning Democrats that they will lose in 2020 if they continue their current rhetoric on immigration.

The late-night host said Friday that the left’s “woke contest” on immigration will only hand President Donald Trump a second term, according to Fox News.

“If it becomes a ‘woke’ contest, then the Democrats lose on this,” Maher said.

“Yes, they look better, but it’s impossible not to look better next to him!”

Former State Department official under President Barack Obama, Wendy Sherman, pressed back on Maher’s comments by claiming Trump is responsible for creating the immigration crisis by cutting aid to Central America.

Maher responded by explaining that the Democratic Party’s message on immigration doesn’t appeal to moderate or Republican voters; only those on the left are cheering on the Democrats’ permissive immigration policies.

“This is what Democrats say, which only gets other Democrats,” Maher responded. “This is not the speech that is going to win any voters. You’ve (already) got the compassion vote!”

The current field of Democrats running for 2020 is notably far-left, especially when it comes to the border crisis and immigration.

For example, 2020 hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand promoted the “abolish ICE” movement.

“We need to abolish ICE,” Gillibrand said last June.

“Congress needs to abolish ICE, and we need to start over, separating the criminal justice and immigration roles,” she added.

Of course, Gillibrand won’t acknowledge the good things done by the immigration law enforcement agency, such as stopping human trafficking and capturing rapists.

Sen. Kamala Harris took the rhetoric against ICE a step further by comparing the agency to the KKK last November.

Unlike Gillibrand and the other 2020 Democrats, everyday Americans acknowledge the necessity of border security and law enforcement.

That’s why Trump has a good shot at winning another term.

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