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Robert De Niro Threatens Trump Supporters, Huckabee Strikes Back

Actor Robert De Niro has been against President Donald Trump since before the 2016 presidential election he won.

Now he has taken it a step further by threatening those who support President Trump and his Make America Great Again agenda.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter named “Hollywood Reporter in Studio” the “Goodfellas” star said “We’re not gonna forget.”

“There’s going to be a lot of mass demonstrations, a lot of protests,” the 75-year-old actor said of the Resistance.

“But I think there’s going to be a lot of mass demonstrations, a lot of protests if this is not resolved. We have to know what went on,” he said.

“We have to know. The handwriting’s on the wall. These people are all crooks; they’re doing it before our very eyes,” he said.

“Trump obstructed justice all the time, first by firing Comey and all the other things and saying it on NBC with Lester Holt, I mean, what are we taking about? It’s right before our eyes. Justice has to be served,” he said.

Did De Niro not hear that the president was exonerated on the charge of obstruction of justice?

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