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Trump Is On Track To Win 2020, Obama Plans Dirty Trick To Stop Him

President Donald Trump has every reason to be confident that his roaring economy will ensure he is re-elected in 2020. However, the Democrats are now panicking behind the scenes, and that’s why Barack Obama was just caught planning this “dirty trick” to stop him. Don’t miss this.

Everyone should know by now that Michelle Obama launched a massive tour in 2018 to publicize her memoir: Becoming. The former first lady traveled to every major city in the United States, plugging her book that soared to number one on the New York Times Best-Seller’s List. What people might not remember is that back in 2016, Penguin Books signed both Barack and Michelle to write books.

In fact, it was one of the biggest contracts with the Obamas getting a whopping $65 million dollars from Penguin Books. So, it’s three years later, and there is no book from Barack. People started to wonder if he would ever fulfill the contract. What in the world was taking him so long?

Well, now we know. Michelle hyped and leaked Trump-hating portions of her memoir just before the 2018 mid-terms. And now all of a sudden, Barack’s book along with a huge tour across America is going to hit just as the 2020 presidential race heats up.

In fact, Obama’s advisers are admitting the timing is “tricky.” It’s more than tricky, it’s simply a dirty trick played on President Trump. “Former President Barack Obama’s memoir following his tenure in the White House is set to be released as Democrats campaign for the party’s nomination in 2020, it was revealed Tuesday,” the Daily Mail reported.

“The release of the former president’s post-White House memoir is tricky as it could disrupt the primary election. It would thrust Obama back into the spotlight just as Democratic voters are choosing a presidential nominee to likely face-off against Trump in 2020,” the Daily Mail added.

As Barack launches his book tour and rents stadiums across the country as Michelle did, President Trump will be holding his massive rallies for his re-election. It will give the former president the opportunity to almost appear like he is campaigning against Trump, and for all intents and purposes, that’s exactly what he will be doing.

“However, even more than three years after leaving office, Obama’s weigh-in on the [2020] campaign will be paid close attention to for signs of which candidates he favors,” the Daily Mail reports. “The Democratic primary field is already crowded, with 21 campaigns underway, and several others are still considering entering the contest.” But that’s not all.

We know why Obama has all of a sudden decided this was the time he would launch his highly anticipated book. Behind the scenes, the Democrats are panicking. They have no Democratic star with charisma to nominate. They have nothing to run on. And history tells them the incumbent nearly always wins.

Since 1932, only once has a party held the White House for less than eight years: the administration of Democrat Jimmy Carter from 1976 to 1980.

The Democrats are freaking out. They may drone on about “Trump’s low approval rating,” but it’s really not that low. The most recent monthly Gallup rating (from early April) has Trump at 45 percent, identical to Ronald Reagan’s number at this juncture in 1983; one point above Barack Obama’s 44 percent in 2011. Trump’s right on track to win re-election, big time.

Now, you can see why they are mobilizing their so-called anointed one: Barack Hussien Obama. It’s all they got. As CNN and MSNBC continue to spread “fake news” about the president, we can now look forward to Barack Obama finally getting his grudge match against President Trump.

Well, let Obama bring it on. The former president’s record is so dismal with a failed economy and failed foreign policy. The majority of Americans won’t be fooled by him again. We now have hope for the future, the unemployed have jobs, America’s blue-collar workers once again have security, and the United States is respected around the world, once again.

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