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Even This CNN Journalist Had To Give Trump Props for Under-the-Radar Note to Woman Battling Cancer

A CNN journalist deviated from the media’s negative coverage of President Donald Trump to recognize his thoughtful letter to a woman battling cancer.

CNN White House reporter Betsy Klein tweeted Thursday, “a personal note for a gesture that doesn’t often make it onto WH twitter but should be recognized: a dear family friend is battling brain cancer.”

The woman battling cancer received a personal letter from Trump and first lady Melania Trump, and the woman’s mother said the letter “brought her much joy after a very tough week.”

“We are so inspired by your strength and spirit as you take on cancer with uncommon courage,” the letter read. “You are in our heartfelt prayers.”

“Always remember that there are many people in your life who love you and support you. We are all on Team Lillie!” the letter continued. “May God bless you.”

The establishment media and Democrat politicians love to dehumanize Trump, but this letter shows the president’s true colors as a kind and compassionate person.

One liberal Twitter user tweeted “I don’t like Trump or his politics, but am so gladdened when I see stuff like this. Kindness goes a long way.”

It’s refreshing to see Trump receive some positive recognition because he rarely gets the credit he deserves.

The establishment media has successfully created a left-wing echo chamber by constantly demonizing Trump as a racist monster.

Media personalities have admitted that Trump doesn’t get enough recognition, but they blame Trump for their own negative coverage.

Of course, the media shouldn’t cover Trump positively just for the sake of it — the media should fairly cover both the positive and negative aspects of Trump and his administration.

Because positive news about Trump (like Trump’s heartfelt letter) isn’t covered by the establishment media, however, people genuinely believe Trump is a racist demagogue.

And people who are aware of the establishment media’s bias rightfully distrust the media.

The establishment media would certainly appear more trustworthy if every reporter was honest enough to cover Trump’s positive points, too.

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