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Trump Gets Jim Acosta To Whine About Where He Sat Him At Press Conference

CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta is the biggest whining crybaby in journalism and he keeps on proving it.

On Thursday President Donald Trump held a press conference announcing his plan to discover the citizenship information of those in the United States.

But did Acosta care about the content of what the president had to say about the situation? No, he was more concerned about himself.

He sent a tweet from the event that showed where attendees and journalists were sitting for the announcement and complained about his place.

“The scene in the WH Rose Garden. All WH press in the back. Trump’s social media allies in the front rows,” he said.

It is sad when a man who is supposed to be a journalist spends his time whining on Twitter about how mean the president is to him, and he got hammered for it.

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