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Epstein Autopsy Reveals Multiple Broken Bones Inconsistent With Suicide

The mystery deepens.

According to the results of Jeffrey Epstein’s just-released autopsy, the cause of death was strangulation due to several broken neck bones.

But now here’s where things get really interesting.

Those broken bones are consistent with homicide by strangulation, not suicide.

Experts who spoke with The Washington Post explained that Epstein’s multiple injuries, including a broken hyoid bone, are typically tell-tale signs of death by homicidal strangulation, not suicidal hanging.

From The Washington Times:

Deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly suffered injuries to his neck that are more common in homicides than suicides, according to the autopsy.

A report Wednesday evening in The Washington Post, citing “two people familiar with the [autopsy] findings,” said Epstein suffered multiple broken bones in his neck, including a break in the hyoid bone.

Citing “forensics experts and studies on the subject” of fatal neck injuries, The Post reported that breaks in the hyoid bone, which is near the Adam’s apple in men, do occur in suicides but occur more often in strangulation murders.

New York City Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson finished the autopsy Sunday, a day after Epstein was found dead in his cell at a federal detention facility, where he was awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges. …

The cause of death is listed as “Pending” on the autopsy. Not suicide. But not homicide either.

To be continued…

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